Ozonia 3000 Ozonized Oils

Company certified ISO 22716 GMP

Dear Visitor,
if you are consulting our website, is because you know about the pharmacology of the ozonized oil, and we suppose, you are focused on quality.
You probably know that there is a huge number of products based on that, in fact it is getting very popular.
The reality is that only Innovares in Italy is ISO22716 - GMP certified to produce ozonized oils and in addition to this, it is rare to find who can guarantee high-quality standard outcomes. To get a successful result, the process request knowledge, dedication and specific technologies.
Innovares, based in Italy, loads ozone into oily matrices, getting a stable and well characterized active ingredient, to be used in formulations for therapeutic and cosmetic applications. 
Ozonia 3000 Sunflower, Ozonia 3000 Sesame and Ozonia 1500 Olive are the name of the highly ozonized sunflower, sesame and olive oil respectively, developed and produced in-house by Innovares. The ozonated GMO-free sunflower, sesame and olive oil have a Peroxide Index not lower than 3000 and 1500 mEqO2/Kg. On the basis of scientific literature, it is important to underline that the quality and the strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and dermo-protective properties of ozonated oil is attributed to ozonides, which are indirectly quantified through the evaluation of the Peroxide Index. Innovares is the leader in this sense, as it constantly strives to characterize its products to ensure a thorough knowledge and an exact and elevated Peroxide Index.

The plants, the process and the method of analysis carried out for mentioned process are part of the Innovares know-how.

We believe that passion, hard work and professionality are the bases to create something which is unique; we want to involve you in this process with transparency and simplicity, letting you know the specific characteristics of our product.
What you will find in this website, is the documentation related to quality, efficacy and security of Ozonia 3000 Sunflower and Ozonia 3000 Sesame, that prove what we believe and how we work.

If you want to know more about us and ozonated oils-based products please visit our website!


Ozonia 3000 Sunflower has become the only ozonated sunflower seed oil registered with the European Chemicals Agency E.C.H.A.
This means that it is the only one to have acquired, after a series of OECD Studies in GLP, an "Identity Card" regarding its composition
- chemical-physics
- toxicological
- eco-toxicological
as a guarantee for users.

Following the aforementioned registration Ozonia 3000 Sunflower was marked with
the EC Number 924-751-7, identification number, which cannot be assigned or used in any other compound of the same species.

Ozonia 3000 documentation

Ozonia 3000 Sunflower Ozonia 3000 Sesame
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