Ozonia 3000 ozonized oils

Company certified ISO 22716 GMP

Dear Visitor,
if You are consulting our website, is because You know about the pharmacology of the ozonized oil, and we suppose, You are focused on quality.
You probably know that there is a huge amount of products based on that, in fact it is getting very popular.

The reality is that only few companies are allowed to produce the ozonized oil, and in addition to this, it is extremely rare to find who can guarantee high-quality standard outcomes.

To get a successful result, the process request knowledge, dedication and specific technologies.
Innovares is proud to introduce You Ozonia 3000 Sunflower, which is its ozonized sunflower seed oil, with a high ozonisation capacity and Ozonia 3000 Sesame ozonized sesame seed oil.

We are the direct producer; our company, Innovares srl is based in Italy.
If you want to know more about our products based on our ozonated oils (Ozonia3000 Sunflower and Ozonia3000 Sesame) please visit our website! www.innovares.com

We have obtained from Certiquality the ISO 22716: 2007 - GMP quality certification of our production process concerning "Production of cosmetics based on vegetable oils ozonized by the company".
It is an important recognition of the quality of our production chain, which starts with the ozonation of vegetable oils and ends with their incorporation into emulsions, hydrogels, lipogels, pastes, ointments and so on.

We believe that passion, hard work and professionality are the bases to create something which is unique; we want to involve You in this process with transparency and simplicity, letting you know the specific characteristics of our product.
What You will find in this website, is the documentation related to quality, efficacy and security of Ozonia 3000, that prove what we believe and how we work.

Ozonia 3000 Sunflower and Ozonia 3000 Sesame are available in HDPE food grade jerry can of 4.5 and 25.0 kgs.

Ozonia 3000 documentation

Ozonia 3000 ozonized oil Tecnical data sheet
Ozonia 3000 ozonized oil Product safety information sheet
Ozonia 3000 Certificate of analysis fac simile
Ozonia 3000 ozonized oil Challenge test
Ozonia 3000 ozonized oil Patch test
Ozonia 3000 Formaldehyde free
Ozonia 3000 Nitrosamines free
Ozonia 3000 certificate of nitrogen compounds
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